100% vegan haircare for every hair type

As the thought leaders in healthy hair, ABBA continues to push the boundaries of clean beauty and continues to deliver performance and purity. ABBA products are formulated with the cleanest ingredients and unparalleled performance. Get the best out of your hair with 100% vegan haircare products that can be cocktailed together to create your own pure haircare regimen.

ABBA’s unique formulas unite the power of three powerful proteins, Quinoa, Barley and Soy, to strengthen and repair damaged hair. ABBA has five vegan regimens that caters to all hair fabrics: Pure Gentle for sensitive skin and scalp, Pure Moisture for dry and frizzy hair, Pure Protection for color treated hair, Pure Specialty for a detoxifying action that removes impurities in the hair, and Pure Volume for fine hair.

Each regimen is powered by clean and pure ingredients that target specific hair concerns. ABBA product collections are 100% Vegan, gluten free and feature no added sodium chloride, sulfates, parabens or synthetic additives.

Shop our 100% vegan collections and share with us your go-to regimen with the #liveABBAlanced on your post to get featured!