Virtual Education

Embrace natural hair texture

When: January 9th  Time: 3 PM EST Location: IG LIVE

Start the New Year out right by embracing your natural side. Discover the beauty of lived-in waves and curls. Learn the secrets of nourishing your hair with wholesome, natural products that bring out the best in your locks. Craft a natural hair care routine, this class empowers you to embrace the beauty of your natural hair with confidence and style.


Mastering the art of full-bodied, voluminous hair

When: February 13th Time: 3 PM EST Location: IG LIVE

Let’s pump up the volume and embrace the “bigger is better” philosophy. Showcasing the art of mega volume using key products, teasing, and styling techniques to achieve long-lasting voluminous hair.


Product Routines: Fresh vs. Refresh

When: March 12th Time: 3 PM EST Location: IG LIVE

It is important to know not only how to properly use dry shampoo, but also how versatile this product is! There are lots of common mistakes that people make while using, which actually makes your routine harder not easier! Join us to learn these tips and product regimens that will be a game changer for you.


True shapes: Lived-in texture and shine

When: April 9th Time: 3 PM EST Location: IG LIVE

Enhance your style with lived- in texture, soft curls, and beach waves! Say hello to vibrant, healthy curls that truly shine. Now you can have the hair texture you’ve always dreamed of with Abba’s True shapes Herbal therapy acid wave featuring our ProQuinoa Complex. We breakdown all you need to deliver natural looking, resilient texture with a soft silky shine.


Beach Bag Survival Kit

When: May 14th Time: 3 PM EST Location: IG LIVE

Learn essential tips for sun protection, moisture retention, and effortlessly styling amidst the sea breeze. From UV shields to post- swim rejuvenation, discover the must-have products and techniques to keep your locks looking beach-chic and healthy all summer long.


Sun kissed Elegance

When: June 11th  Time: 3 PM EST Location: IG LIVE

Immerse yourself in the art of accessorizing with our class on “Summer beach vibes.” Explore a curated collection of accessories, from statement hats to Beachy headscarves, and learn how to effortlessly incorporate them into your summer look. Discover versatile styling products and techniques that embrace the carefree spirit of the beach with touch of elegance.